About us

Hope Central offers a wide array of services to the community to diminish the effects of poverty, to assist individuals in ending the cycle of poverty, and to offer a future with hope.  Hope Central has 3 program areas:

Manna Market
 seeks to embrace the community by providing food, toiletries, household items, resources and relevant information to those experiencing unexpected and short-term needs. Our desire is to provide for the current need while building relationships to ensure a hope-filled future. 

Bibs & Bottle Boutique provides diapers and wipes for each eligible child in a family on a monthly basis. Various other baby care items including toiletry items, bottles, blankets, baby food and formula may also be obtained when available.   

Grace Garments, our clothing bank, offers clothing for infants, children, teens & adults. There are dress clothes as well as casual clothing in all sizes. Shoes, belts and purses are offered when available.  Children who have clean and appropriate clothing are better equipped to participate fully in educational and community activities available.  Adults with access to professional attire are more likely to acquire and maintain employment.

Hope Central strives to diminish the impact of poverty by providing resources such as food and clothing, but also by teaching life skills and other resources and support to individuals and families.


Hope Central
304 North 2nd Street
Boonville, IN 47601
(812) 897-4910
Fax: 812-897-4930